Who should you contact and what should you keep in mind if you urgently need security services?

After an emergency that creates an urgent need for protecting your home and family, people often do not think this through and choose security system solutions that provide minimum protection. As soon as everything settles down, they find out that the solution they chose is not adequate, and that they need to invest in replacing the system. This is why GRIFS has compiled information to clarify issues related to the installation of security systems.

Security system installation procedure

  1. To install a security system, contact a sales representative.
  2. The next step will be a visit by our specialist at your home, who will assess the risks and the options for installing a security system.
  3. After making the assessment and finding out the client’s preferences, the specialist will recommend the best solution, provide information about the current service packages, or prepare a new offer. This is the time to ask the specialist any questions you might have.

Cost of security services

The cost of security services is a combination of the cost of the equipment and the cost of the services themselves, represented in the monthly fee.
GRIFS have various service packages, with options to buy the equipment immediately and then only pay for the services selected, or to include the cost of the equipment in the monthly fee, avoiding high initial expenses when installing the security system.

Do not hurry in taking your decision

If your home has already been burgled, do not restrict yourself to protecting the entrance that the criminals used. Think carefully of any routes besides the entrance door that a criminal could use to break in. The back door? The balcony? Try putting yourself in the burglar’s place. How would you act? If you think ahead, you will avoid bigger expenses in the future.

Available solutions

There are various technical solutions offered by security companies:
• glass break sensors that detect the sound of breaking glass;
• motion sensors that react to movements in the room;
• magnetic sensors that react to windows, doors and gates being opened;
• flooding sensors that detect water leaks in the room.

Each of these solutions is available both independently or in combination with a different security system, such as smoke or heat sensors, or a gas leak alarm system.

A common security measure that takes some investment is installing metal grating on the windows. However, for home owners who do not want to degrade the aesthetic qualities of their property, there are modern ways to prevent burglars from entering the building through its windows. For example, transparent adhesive films applied to the glass, to prevent it from breaking, are a simple and convenient solution.

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