Corporate social responsibility

The GRIFS security company stands for honest and transparent business practices, investing in its staff, the environment and the local community.

Our goal is to conduct business in such a way that enables sustainable growth based on protecting the property of the public and educating the general public in matters of security.

GRIFS  seeks to use technologies that are friendly to people and the environment, to save natural resources and to minimise pollution, both internally and as part of the services the company provides to its clients.

GRIFS goal is to help the families of company employees and to educate the general public in matters of safety and security.

GRIFS works according to its internal anti-corruption programme intended to prevent the possibility of corruption at the company, promoting honesty, openness and responsibility among company employees, business partners, clients and suppliers.

Key principles of corporate social responsibility

  • Promoting transparency and growth in the local economic environment with public and private initiatives.
  • Educating the society in which we work in matters of security, with a particular focus on children and teenagers.
  • Building a society, in which the people take care of their own and other people’s security, as well as the security of their own and other people’s property.
  • Providing a well-maintained working environment and taking care of company employee health.


Employee support

Representation of interests

Child safety

Environmental policy

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