Environmental policy

GRIFS seeks to use technologies that are friendly to people and the environment, to save natural resources and to minimise pollution, both internally and as part of the services the company provides to its clients.

Key principles of the GRIFS environmental policy:

  • fostering continuous improvement in environmental performance in the company as a whole, and in all of its units;
  • ensuring the sustainable use of natural resources;
  • detecting and minimising possible environmental risks;
  • raising environmental awareness among the employees, at all workplaces;
  • ensuring the competence of managing employees in environmental matters.


Regularly planning and taking measures to ensure that the company operations are eco-friendly, with a safe and healthy work environment.

GRIFS constantly improves its environmental policy, analysing its consumption of paper, batteries, electric and heating power, water and vehicle fuel. The company submits waste and used batteries for recycling, and regularly recycles hazardous waste, taking measures to reduce the overall amount of waste.


GRIFS monitors the amount of resources it consumes, directing particular attention to the company’s impact on the environment. Systematic resource planning and recycling of waste material make it possible for the company to reduce its impact on the environment.

The company considers the opportunities for effective utilisation of any resources, and recycling any waste it produces. The environmental policy is also reflected in the actions of the company employees who dispose of their sorted household waste themselves.

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