Employee support

GRIFS employees are its greatest value. There are currently 140, and we invest much work and funding in supporting our people and their families. GRIFS provides school equipment, organises safety lessons, and gives Christmas sweet packages to the children of its employees.

The company provides fully-paid courses for obtaining a security certificate that take place parallel to the work schedule. In order to ensure that the certificate is obtained early, the company offers a bonus to those employees who receive their security certificate within two months.

GRIFS provides its employees with opportunities for learning and improving their skills as part of the company-internal training, as well as training at various other educational institutions. We offer paid first-aid courses, electric safety training, as well as many other kinds of training for expanding the skillset of our workers.

GRIFS supports the involvement of its employees in sports activities and their participation in athletics teams and events. Support is provided for personal and team achievements in cycling races, marathons, tournaments, rallies etc.


The goal of the Employee support initiative is to ensure the welfare and professional growth of employees, providing them with training and helping them take care of what is more important for them than anything: their families.


Taking care of the welfare of its employees and their children, GRIFS organises annual talks about the key principles of safety: how to behave in the streets, how to be safe at home, how to behave and be safe in the public.

As part of the internal training organised by GRIFS, its employees obtain the expertise necessary to fulfil their duties, with 50% of the employees evaluating such training as good, and 48.4% giving it top marks.

Children who went to school on September 1 were presented with reflectors with the GRIFS logo.

The children of employees were given sweets for Christmas.

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