Personnel management policy

The goal of the GRIFS personnel management policy is to carry out modern, uniform and effective personnel management at the company, making sure that its employees are qualified, professional and motivated to achieve high performance, ensuring that the rights implied by the employment relationship between the company and its workers are enforced, improving the organisation of work, and promoting growth and loyalty among the company staff.

The personnel management policy of GRIFS rests on the following key values: stability, social responsibility, honesty and mutual respect, professionalism, growth, safe working environment, traditions.

Stability: GRIFS operates in a stable industry, and focuses on long-term growth, providing a stable working environment for its staff. The company takes care of its employees, providing social benefits, reinforcing their sense of job stability and social security.

Honesty: we keep to our promises, and we expect the same from others.

Professionalism: our company’s employees are competent in their fields, and work on gaining new knowledge and skills. Working in our close-knit team, they achieve top results.

Growth: our company supports our workers’ professional growth, providing them with appropriate training to reinforce their current skills and learn new ones, and offering career opportunities.

Safe working environment: GRIFS employees ensure that their work is completed in a safe way, without creating hazards for themselves and other people. Our employees participate in the risk assessments at their workplaces, making suggestions about improving their working environment.

Traditions: we uphold and grow the traditions that have been established at the company, bolstering the employees’ sense of belonging and motivation. The company staff are loyal towards their employer.

Our employees’ work attitude, experience and expertise are key elements that are valued most at our company.

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